Merchants of Breakveil

The Merchants Circut

WhitetowerThe party started with wares and steel,
taken with ass, chest, and wheel,
The Halfling before the first cities door,
accosted and beaten by guards of the lord,
for an attitude of pride and zeal.

In Wesmarch where wares are often well sought,
the merchants sold, traded, and bought,
a mountainous man of opening doors,
pounded their strongbox into the floor,
but the guards gave the action little more than a thought.

Along the next road the party did meet,
a strange old man they attempted to greet,
he was not alone, his friends were then shone,
once trust was established and friendship had grown,
their heritage was not of the ruling elite.

The next city was a debacle, a disastrous route,
as the party was promptly, from the city, kicked out,
outside they stayed, hoping sales would be made,
a student in need made a profitable trade,
for potions he could not do without.

On the next trail through Archwood of old,
threatened by wolves who were scared off the road,
by a ranger near by, who told them to try,
to avoid the hag, for they surely would die,
so they avoided her fatal abode,

In Belise the next day, a quiet small place,
not much happened after a few days,
they traded there goods, in the town by the woods,
the clouds opened up so they all donned their hoods,
and quietly went on their ways.

The next route led them nearby and old tower white,
the Halfling peeked in and was given a fright,
they left it alone, the tower of stone,
for within its walls there had doubtlessly grown,
spiders of impressive size and might.

Although they avoided the eight legged foes,
on the road, I am sure you know how it goes,
goblins attacked but they were quick to react,
and they drove the disgusting creatures back,
in the passage to Coolage they chose.



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