Merchants of Breakveil

The Merchants Circut (Part II)

Within the walls of Coolage Passing tall,
wherein the air, of molten metal, smells,
the halfling headed on the winding trail,
while all the rest held out within the dell,

Along came two to join the roaming band,
A lady trader of lithe and balanced step,
along with one with leather loaded grand
and after arming bought with money made
they left along the northward trail bend,

Along the way they came to softened ground
a mite suspicious our heroes stopped to see
that rain had dipped the trees towards center down
and when the lady launched a log upon
a massive sinkhole, they labored to go around

They passed an old stone building by and by,
came about a different path to find,
confronted by a hag with searing eye,
a curse upon the lady with amulet bind
they traded off their mule to save their lives

Along and lost they pushed their wares by hand
with tired hearts and bitter frames of mind
not knowing where they were, unto a land
peaceful, serene, and healthy they would find



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