A Most Deadly Archer


Race: Human_________________ S-11
Gender: Female_______________D-12
Mag: 2_________________________C-11
HP:22__________________________ I-9


Troza grew up as a hunter in the forests outside of Mongerly. Accomplished and profitable, she made a good living on her own. One day, she was chasing a buck that had already felt the sting of one arrow, and as she let fly another she became aware that they were near a well used trail. Her shot flew wide but still hit a mark.

Upon the road, she found two guards standing near a slain horse. Her arrow had found the creatures neck by chance and the thing had died in minutes. The guards took her into custody for the slaying of a guardsman’s horse. She went peacefully.

Part way back to town, one of the guards decided that he fancied Troza and, with the other guard keeping an eye out, attempted to force himself upon her. In defense of her person she killed the guard with a stone to the head and escaped. Knowing what fate would befall her for the killing of a guard, she ran far to the north and fell in with bandits stationed in the northern marsh.

A few years later, a crew of mercenaries attached the bandits, and Troza decided that the law abiding mercenaries would be the better option. Turning on the bandit leader, she helped the newcomers finish off the bandits. For her help, they hired her on as a caravan guard.


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