A dagger of shadow and chaos

weapon (melee)

Name: Calist
Quality: +1
Damage: 2
Value: 5,500 Vikers
Magic: Intelligent +1, allows wielder to gain ranks
in trade craft with two of the skills having to be
Stealth and Lockpicking


Calist was once a rouge of the old world. It is said that he would choose his targets at random and would steal things not based on value but by what would cause the most trouble in their loss to the victim. In one tale, he allegedly stole the front door off a house thereby trapping the victims inside. The town had to chop a new hole through one of the walls for the family.

Over time, Calist became so attached to his items that his soul was bound to them. There are said to be three of these items; a dagger, a set of thieves tools, and a mask. However, only the dagger seems to have made it through the great upheaval as the others have never been seen in the new world.


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