Lone Sword (Sword of Tuleamann)

Cursed and Uncontrollable Weapon


Type: Sword
Quality: +1
Material: Steel

Special: Cursed/Animated

  • will attack anyone within 20’ or anyone who touches it
  • +3 TBTH
  • AC:14

In the years following the great downfall, a group of dark paladins and priests fell in line with the teachings of a strange and mysterious man known only as Tuleamann. In a great battle with the forces of man, led by the Knights of Deekin, the leader of the Agents of Tuleamann proclaimed that even after death, the swords of his army would continue to fight.

The battle was ended by a White Knight sacrificing himself to send all of the enemies weapons away, to be scattered around the world. Now, they are periodically found, and most often left alone.

Lone Sword (Sword of Tuleamann)

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