Merchants of Breakveil

The Chest of Karthac the Broad

Autumn, late season and colors abound,
after a strange and arduous affair,
the heroes were, by an employer, found,
and into treacherous terrain they dared
paid by a lord,
to locate a hoard,
to follow a riddle found by a sage,
that matched the description on ancient page,
to find a chest of Karthac the Broad
lost in an almost forgotten age

traveling quick and light over land,
they began at a mountain standing alone
following the cut of a dried up strand
made their way towards the mountains stone
but suddenly fear
its source unclear
cause a great issue, as allies did flee
and hid ’neath the bows of a lone standing tree
though smoke was the Harbinger of this scare pines fate
as the branches crackled, the frightened were freed.

Unto the mountains without further hitch,
they climbed the south face along sloping cliff
and into ravine, peak, craig and ditch
they traveled some time to a natural rift
down in the vale
where wind would wail,
they spotted a village of houses of stone
though during the daylight no life was shown
and approaching with care not to offend who was there
to see who owned this quaint little home.

This village was built as a refugee hold
and after communication was found
they told that they new of the travelers goal
and if they could reclaim their home in the ground
they’d happily guide
them to the treasures side
so gearing up for resistant forces,
they left their archer, oxen and horses,
and traveled below into caverns so dark
with but one refugee guiding their courses,

After a fall into a deep fault,
the travelers, injured, came to the site,
the refugees home and the counter assault
and against svirfneblin, they took the fight,
but their will less bases
and emotionless faces
showed that they were controlled by some force,
and in the great hall they centered the source
and found a strange beast with a bulbous head
with the power to charm, confuse and coerce

The Key of Conwold
An Early Job for Young Adventurers

At home and hired for special trip,
they board in Bogsburrow with cargo great
and sail down to Mongerly bay
upon a stout and well stocked ship,
With blues well earned from that soiree
they armed an geared with traveling kit
but with the winter so soon to hit
their next round of travel was delayed

Approached by mayor, stout and harsh,
They are given a job for bountiful pay
to fetch a lost heirloom, taken away
by bandits in the northern marsh

On open road with summer done
The busy fields the farmers tend
They met again with gypsy friends
who give their guidance to the cursed one

“You must find the one called the ‘opener of ways’,
and bring him back to me. Only he can undo the binding
within which you are trapped.”

They crossed the river into the mire
and spotted a sword of silver shine.
Nervously they grasp its handle fine,
but it came alive like angry fire.

Floating, dancing in the air,
it struck out for Harbingers life
and fighting sword, shield and knife
they trapped the sword and stayed its scare

At the cave where bandits hide
they took the sword with wild flight
and threw it in for the guards to fight
as they waited just outside.

After a bit of battle sound,
two came out with sword in tow
but the ambush fell, a mighty blow
and took the first to the ground.

The second bargained for truce and peace
in exchange he would let them know
what lay within and hid below
if he and his love they would release

The second fight was not a route
from the shadows an archer shot
while two more valiantly fought,
so the hero’s were pushed back and out.

The Merchants Circut (Part II)

Within the walls of Coolage Passing tall,
wherein the air, of molten metal, smells,
the halfling headed on the winding trail,
while all the rest held out within the dell,

Along came two to join the roaming band,
A lady trader of lithe and balanced step,
along with one with leather loaded grand
and after arming bought with money made
they left along the northward trail bend,

Along the way they came to softened ground
a mite suspicious our heroes stopped to see
that rain had dipped the trees towards center down
and when the lady launched a log upon
a massive sinkhole, they labored to go around

They passed an old stone building by and by,
came about a different path to find,
confronted by a hag with searing eye,
a curse upon the lady with amulet bind
they traded off their mule to save their lives

Along and lost they pushed their wares by hand
with tired hearts and bitter frames of mind
not knowing where they were, unto a land
peaceful, serene, and healthy they would find

The Merchants Circut

WhitetowerThe party started with wares and steel,
taken with ass, chest, and wheel,
The Halfling before the first cities door,
accosted and beaten by guards of the lord,
for an attitude of pride and zeal.

In Wesmarch where wares are often well sought,
the merchants sold, traded, and bought,
a mountainous man of opening doors,
pounded their strongbox into the floor,
but the guards gave the action little more than a thought.

Along the next road the party did meet,
a strange old man they attempted to greet,
he was not alone, his friends were then shone,
once trust was established and friendship had grown,
their heritage was not of the ruling elite.

The next city was a debacle, a disastrous route,
as the party was promptly, from the city, kicked out,
outside they stayed, hoping sales would be made,
a student in need made a profitable trade,
for potions he could not do without.

On the next trail through Archwood of old,
threatened by wolves who were scared off the road,
by a ranger near by, who told them to try,
to avoid the hag, for they surely would die,
so they avoided her fatal abode,

In Belise the next day, a quiet small place,
not much happened after a few days,
they traded there goods, in the town by the woods,
the clouds opened up so they all donned their hoods,
and quietly went on their ways.

The next route led them nearby and old tower white,
the Halfling peeked in and was given a fright,
they left it alone, the tower of stone,
for within its walls there had doubtlessly grown,
spiders of impressive size and might.

Although they avoided the eight legged foes,
on the road, I am sure you know how it goes,
goblins attacked but they were quick to react,
and they drove the disgusting creatures back,
in the passage to Coolage they chose.


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