The Currency of the Kingdom Falidon

*Pents- Small square pieces of copper, about .3 ounces apiece with a depiction of a sword impaled upon a snake with the words “Saol Agus Misneach” (“Life and Courage” in the Clansman tongue)

*Vikers- Small Circles of solid refined steel, about one ounce with a bust of queen Zira on the front and a sword and dagger on the back. Worth 10 Pents

*Blues- A small chunk of refined coal weighing about .5 ounces. Hexagonal shape but with no markings. Worth 100 Pents.

*Misers- A Coin of mythril in the shape of an eye about .5 ounces in weight. Along the edges are the words “As an Talamh nó Spéir” (“of the land or sky” in the Clansman tongue) Worth 1000 pents.

*Chaucers- A chunk of Alchemite in its natural crystal star shape. Only about .2 ounces in weight. No markings. Worth 10,000 pents.


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