Political Structure

Head of State :Queen Zira Vikers

Provincial Nobles (second tier)

  • Duchess Marsela De’Abilis of Capitalus Province
  • Duke Wayne Willright of Quarus Province
  • Duchess Erin Harding of Fidelus Province

Shire Nobles (third tier)

  • Lord Calvin Belar of the Lavender Coast (Capitalus)
  • Lady Patricia Guilen of the Riverwood (Capitalus)
  • Arch Mage Alfred Wispman of the Southwall (Capitalus)
  • Sir Jonathan Masters of Cattlerun (Quarus)
  • Lord MacCall of Coolage (Quarus)
  • Lord Jane Carson III of Minelink (Quarus)

  • Sir Xander Matise of Waterford (Fidelus)
  • Master Quintus Alsen of Sirefield (Fidelus)
  • Lady Carmin Turring of Goblin Mast (Fidelus)

Political Structure

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