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  • Troza

    Troza grew up as a hunter in the forests outside of Mongerly. Accomplished and profitable, she made a good living on her own. One day, she was chasing a buck that had already felt the sting of one arrow, and as she let fly another she became aware that …

  • Keening

    Keening is a lynx familiar that is tied to a pearl (one of the stones of the familiar). He is calm, friendly, and sometimes cryptic. He will help and teach those that he considers worthy, though he can only belong to one person at a time. He has the …

  • Dustan Shirewood

    As captain of the guard during the murders in Breakveil, Dustan has been entrusted in overseeing the protection of the people in the city. His nephew, Cory VanKirk, was the second to die. This hit Dustan hard, but he has been resilient in the face of it.

  • Casper Scrollsmith

    The librarian in Breakveil, Casper has always been well liked and well accepted by the town. He is charming and charismatic as well as intelligent an well read. He is often looked to for his knowledge of lore and history. He has been known to show …

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