Being the primary race in the world, they survived the calamity that befell at the end of the third age, and began to prosper. There are now many small kingdoms scattered throughout the world with little connection between them.
Humans range in height build and personality more than any other race. They gain no attribute bonus, nor can they take any Ranks without special exception. They have one of the shortest lifespans of the races and have no special visions or bonuses making the fact that they are so prevalent even more impressive.


Halflings live amongst most of the human settlements, working in low paying jobs, living in slums and destined for a life of crime or poverty. Very few find any measure of success in life. They are mostly shunned by the humans and looked down upon by the other races.
Halflings are quite short, standing only two to four feet tall. They are usually sly and bitter or jovial and fun loving. As a character, they get twilight vision, a +2 bonus to dexterity and a -2 to strength. They are able to take one rank in tradecraft without special exception, but to gain any more ranks requires unique circumstances.


Dwarves lost much of their spirit during the great calamity. Now they work in hard labor jobs for the humans. They talk longingly of their halls of old and great clans, but few have the spirit to do any more than live a hard life amongst men.
Dwarves are short in stature, but not as short as halflings. They are stocky and strong. Dwarves of old used to grow their hair and beards long as a sign of age and honor, but now their hair styles range from being completely shaven (often as a statement of the races fallen stature) to completely unkempt chaos.
As characters they gain +2 bonus strength and -1 to dexterity and -2 to charisma. They can gain one rank in combat without special circumstances, though they are limited in this to larger weapons (2 to 4 damage) and medium or heavy armor for their specializations. They also have deep vision.

Elves (Gypsies)

Centuries after the great calamity, strange bands of vagabonds began roaming throughout the countryside. They are often secretive but friendly. Those who are fortunate enough to become well acquainted with these gypsies find them to be great sources of magic and lore.
Elves stand only slightly shorter than humans, and are often thin and lithe. They are often playful and adventurous, though some can be very stern and standoffish with those they don’t know.
As player characters, they have twilight vision and +1 to intelligence and wisdom and a -2 to constitution. They are able to take one rank in magic without special exception. They also get a +2 to all legend lore checks due to the numerous stories they tell.

Up coming races…

1) Dark Satyrs: Found under the mountains, these darker version of the surface satyr has survived with svirfneblin, drow, drugar, and other deep races for centuries. Now they have been seen near the surface world. Little is known of them.

2) Valkiren: The fallen Valkyries of ancient myth, these exclusive and secretive people live in a forest on the other side of the mountains from Falidon. Almost nothing is know about this race, though it is reported that they are all female, and reproduce through a strange ritual at a still lake under a full moon.



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